River Fishing

blank Riverbank or Boat
You can choose the creeks of the main river or the more secluded banks of the Allahein river, where you can also fish from a dugout. The creeks around Denton Bridge also offer the opportunity of a group day out on a pirogue with cooking facilities and space for your freinds to relax with a book and a beer while you get down to the serious business of fishing.
blank Creek Fishing
There are creeks both sides of the river Gambia but most fishing is done at the south bank from the Denton Bridge area where numerous boats put out from well-maintained jetties. We can charter a pirogue for your group for the day and provide lunch and drinks if you need them.
blank Allahein River
The Allahein borders Gambia and Senegal in the south of the country. Its a fairly slow and narrow river so you'll be quite safe in a chartered dougout or two. This is a real Huck Finn sort of a day and you'll bound to find peace and relaxation as well as a few good fish.